The Ray Harryhausen Awards 2023

We are delighted to share the winners of the Ray Harryhausen Awards 2023, as announced at the Cameo Cinema on June 29th 2023

Best Short Film Animation
Puppet Story (Director- Park Sehong)

​ (Honorary Mention: Out of Character Director- Niccoló Gioia)

Best Student Film Animation
Provisions (Director- Kheyal Roy-Meighoo)

​ (Honorary Mention: Campfire Stories Director- Edmond Deraedt)

Best Children’s Film Animation
“The Speech of Txai Surui” (Directed by the Students of the Multimedia Workshop of Escola Parque)  

(Honorary Mention: Area 51 Director- Gianna King)

The Spirit of Harryhausen Award
Epic Tails (TAT Productions)

Harryhausen Hall of Fame 2023
Janet Stevens

Look out for a video of our awards announcement event, coming very soon!
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