Into the Unknown- A Journey through Science Fiction

We are pleased to announce that items from the Ray Harryhausen collection will be displayed as part of the Barbican Centre’s ‘Into the Unknown: A Journey through Science Fiction’ exhibition. This unprecedented programme will showcase an all-encompassing exploration of the genre, from its roots in classic literature, through to modern day cinema blockbusters. As such, this will be a unique opportunity to view Ray’s creative output within the wider context of the history of science-fiction.

The exhibition will run from June 3rd to September 1st 2017, and will showcase newly restored models, artwork and lost treasures from the following films:

Mighty Joe Young
Earth vs the Flying Saucers
The First Men in the Moon
One Million Years BC
The Valley of Gwangi

For more on the scope of this unique programme, hear our interview with curators Neil McConnon and Patrick Gyger:

And for more detail on the rest of the exhibition content, head to the Barbican’s website:

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  1. says:

    First Men in the Moon is a fantastic movie. I never realized it was in LunaColor! Best wishes on the exhibition.


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